Exponent Announces Principal Promotions in Key Practices

April 15, 2020

Exponent recently announced principal promotions in numerous key practices across its global offices, effective April 4, 2020.

These new promotions collectively reflect the depth and breadth of expertise we offer our clients as well as our sustained commitment to attracting and retaining the best professionals across industries. Exponent continues to provide our clients with the specialized knowledge and services needed to address their science, engineering, and regulatory issues.

The principal level promotions across our global offices were:

Farah Ahmed (Principal, Materials and Corrosion, London) has extensive experience in fracture mechanics, multi-scale failure, and material selection, with a focus on biomaterials, implant design, and interfaces within joint implants. With over 14 years of experience in non-destructive analysis, Dr. Ahmed supports her clients in material selection and analysis, product design and prototyping, manufacturing processes, and failure analysis.

Lamis El Didi (Principal, Construction Consulting, Oakland) has experience in all phases of construction projects, and has advised clients on a range of construction topics ranging from project portfolio management, project controls, project scheduling, change management, risk management, and construction dispute resolution.

Shane Kennett (Principal Engineer, Materials and Corrosion Engineering, Denver) specializes in failure analysis, failure prevention, materials science, physical and mechanical metallurgy, assessment of engineering structures, and fracture mechanics. He has experience with a wide range of applications and industries, including Oil & Gas pipelines, refineries and operations, power generation systems, and mining.

Alison McGuire (Principal Scientist, Chemical Regulation and Food Safety, Harragote) has extensive regulatory and research chemistry experience from working in contract research and consulting in residue chemistry and regulatory affairs, focusing primarily on biocides and industrial chemicals), for over 20 years.

Gabor Mezei (Principal Scientist, Health Sciences, Menlo Park) is a physician and epidemiologist with over 25 years of experience in research of clinical outcomes and environmental and occupational health issues. He designed, conducted and evaluated epidemiologic investigations and directed multi-disciplinary research programs related to children's health.

Tim Morse (Principal Engineer, Thermal Sciences, Natick) is a licensed professional mechanical engineer who specializes in failure analysis, failure prevention, and design risk assessment for thermal and flow processes, products, and equipment. His project experience includes turbines, compressors, valves, heat exchangers, boilers, furnaces, refrigeration systems, piping systems, autoclaves, heat transfer systems, flammable liquids, cryogenic liquids, consumer products, and medical devices.

Genevieve Nauhaus (Principal Scientist, Human Factors, Austin) has a specialized knowledge of human sensory, motor, and cognitive processes, Dr. Nauhaus focuses on human factors and human performance issues in everyday and accident situations. Her work evaluates issues related to visual and auditory perception, lighting and illumination, balance and movement control, reaction time, attention and distraction, memory, and decision-making.

Juan Perri (Principal Engineer, Civil Engineering, Oakland) specializes in soil mechanics, geotechnical engineering, foundation engineering, and earthquake engineering. He has over 15 years of experience conducting civil engineering studies in multiple states, Europe, and several countries in North, Central, and South America.

Stephanie Stephens (Principal Scientist, Chemical Regulation and Food Safety, Washington D.C.) has more than 20 years of experience with EPA pesticide (FIFRA) regulatory projects through her work in industry, consulting, and the Federal government. Her work includes strategic planning and management of food and non-food use active ingredient and product registrations, biopesticide registrations, import tolerances, and managing the pesticide reevaluation.

Peter Veloo (Principal Engineer, Thermal Sciences, Los Angeles) has worked directly with downstream sector clients on assessing the effectiveness and implementation of refinery wide asset integrity plans. This includes identifying active damage modes within process pipe; the evaluation of monitoring strategies, location, and frequency; and processing of large inspection data sets.