Exponent's Dr. Scott Schroeder Receives 2023 ASTM International Award of Merit

July 13, 2023

ASTM's top honor recognizes technical expertise and leadership excellence

Exponent Senior Managing Engineer Scott A. Schroeder, Ph.D., P.E., FASTM, has been awarded the distinguished 2023 ASTM International Award of Merit and designated as a fellow by ASTM International, a leader in international standards development. Dr. Schroeder received the society's highest honor for his exceptional technical and leadership contributions to Committee E08 on Fatigue and Fracture and to ASTM International as a whole. In 2022, ASTM International awarded 18 Awards of Merit, which represents less than 1% of the current membership.

An ASTM International member since 1989, Dr. Schroeder has been an active member of Committee E08 for more than 20 years. His many significant contributions include supporting the updates and revisions of standardized approaches for characterizing fatigue crack initiation in materials and structures, advancing the understanding of complex phenomena such as the formation of cracks under a variety of loading conditions, and leading international standards development communities.

Specifically, Dr. Schroeder has worked to advance two foundational standard test methods under the jurisdiction of Committee E08: E466 Standard Practice for Conducting Force Controlled Constant Amplitude Axial Fatigue Tests of Metallic Materials and E606 Standard Test Method for Strain-Controlled Fatigue Testing. Due to his technical expertise, both standards have retained their status as the test methods of choice worldwide.


"I am deeply honored to be elected as a fellow of ASTM International. I am grateful for the ongoing support of my family, Exponent colleagues, colleagues within the fatigue and fracture community, and particularly my friend and mentor Dr. M.R. Mitchell, without whom this award would not have been possible. It is rewarding to be able to contribute to the continued advancement of knowledge and understanding of fatigue and fracture phenomena and to the techniques and testing methods employed worldwide." — Scott Schroeder, Ph.D., Senior Managing Engineer, Mechanical Engineering


In addition to Committee E08, Dr. Schroeder has provided leadership through his technical involvement with five other ASTM committees and his willingness to solve challenges and identify new opportunities in areas such as medical devices and additive manufacturing. His broad experience and formal education in both engineering mechanics and materials have also been invaluable, and he has leveraged his technical skills for the benefit of ASTM technical communities ranging from mechanical testing to consumer products to sports equipment to amusement rides.

Desiring to strengthen the global impact of Committee E08 and ASTM International, Dr. Schroeder has also been active in the international standards community as a leader or member of four ISO/TC 164/SC 4 Working Groups. He currently serves as chair of ISO TC 164/SC 4, helping to ensure the thoughtful and consistent generation of fatigue, fracture, and toughness data in the international community.

Dr. Schroeder joined Exponent in 2004 and is currently a senior managing engineer in the Mechanical Engineering practice. He earned his Ph.D. in materials from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and M.S. and B.S. in engineering mechanics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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