New Exponent Office Opens in Tampa, Florida

Downtown Tampa against a blue skyline.

July 5, 2023

New location marks enhanced client service throughout the southeastern US

Exponent is excited to announce that it will open an office in Tampa, Florida, in July of 2023, located at:

8875 Hidden River Parkway, Suite 300

Tampa, FL 33637

Expanding on our existing presence in Atlanta, Austin, Houston, and Miami will allow us to better serve our clients in the south and southeastern U.S.  Currently, our capabilities throughout the region are substantial, extending across multiple practice areas, including:

Our consultants within these practices offer a broad range of expertise such as accident reconstruction, biomechanical evaluations, design and construction claims evaluations, environmental assessment and remediation, materials failure investigations, labels and warnings review, regulatory and compliance support, user study testing, product evaluation and testing, and more.


"Exponent is dedicated to delivering in-depth and rapid response technical evaluations to clients across the nation. We hope our expanded presence in Florida will allow us to provide increasing support in this region and meet local needs." — Sarah Sharpe, Ph.D., Principal, Biomechanics


For more information, contact Sarah Sharpe at

We look forward to working with you.

What Can We Help You Solve?

Whether investigating the direct and root cause of materials failures, or analyzing, testing, and improving products to meet modern safety and performance requirements, Exponent delivers rigorous science and engineering analyses for breakthrough insights.