Materials Failure Investigations

 Materials Failure Investigations Engineer Analysis

Rigorous failure and root cause analysis

For 50+ years, Exponent has led in failure and root cause analysis across all industries, providing breakthrough insights on how and why things go wrong for every point in your product or process lifecycle.

How does Exponent's Materials & Corrosion Engineering team provide an objective understanding of materials challenges?

Failure analysis is the process of collecting data, developing hypotheses, testing hypotheses, and analyzing everything to determine the cause of a failure. We apply lessons from past failures across industries to help make the future safer and more sustainable. From energy to electronics to medical devices to systems and controls — understanding of materials failures is critical to ensuring product and process safety.

At our global labs, Exponent's multidisciplinary teams combine rigorous testing applications and methods — from Computed Tomography (CT) scanning to X-ray imaging and microscopy. However, the differentiated value that we deliver is unparalleled evaluation and analysis capabilities, resulting in evidence-based insights for better business decisions at every point in your product or process lifecycle.

Our methodology

  • Problem Definition:
    • Systematic definition of inputs to reduce total troubleshooting time
    • Identification of inputs via production experience and engineering judgment
  • Identification of Correlations:
    • Searching for values or a combination of values associated with the failure or defect
    • Applying troubleshooting experience to achieve efficient, cost-effective searching
  • Validation:
    • Recreation of the failure to confirm causation
    • Augmenting organizational knowledge through sharing success and documenting lessons learned

Summary of Services

For 50+ years, we've thrived on solving unstructured problems that require bespoke solutions. Some of our services include:


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.