Risk Communication: Warnings & Safety Information

A red warning sign. Exponent helps you improve your risk communication strategy, improve safety and mitigate risks.

Understanding the science of human behavior, standards, and regulations can help you develop and assess warning and safety information

Safety information for products, vehicles, and professional equipment can be accurately developed and carefully evaluated to clearly communicate risk. Exponent's human factors scientists leverage expertise in human cognition, perception, behavior, and information processing to support your development of safety warnings.

Developing viable safety warnings

Safety messages come in many forms, including printed text, auditory signals, and human or computerized voice commands. Capitalizing on formatting elements may aid in the detection, recognition, and processing of such information. However, Exponent studies have shown that individual factors, such as fatigue or information-seeking behaviors, and motivation to follow safety information can influence warning effectiveness more so than these formatting elements.

Exponent's scientists research a variety of human factors to better understand behavioral response to warning and safety information, including the behavioral influences on warning effectiveness. Exponent's research enables our clients to successfully develop safety instructions that meet unique business needs, accurately reflect hazards and instructions for use, consider state-of-the-art conventions and formatting, and capitalize on a scientific understanding of human information processing.

Whether you're developing warnings and commands for vehicles, manufacturing, professional equipment, or consumer products, Exponent provides advice at every stage of design and development.

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