Amusement & Entertainment Industry Analyses

Exponent Provides Quantitative Biomechanical Amusement Park Evaluations and Risk Assessments

Prevent injuries and liabilities at amusement and entertainment venues

Exponent provides multidisciplinary engineering and scientific evaluations, including amusement and event safety assessments, amusement ride inspections, and accident investigations.

How do you ensure safety compliance in event spaces and on amusement park rides?

Exponent's biomechanical, mechanical, and electrical engineers leverage their collective expertise to perform thorough investigations of entertainment venues and amusement park ride components and equipment.

We analyze accident patterns within occupational injury using accident databases, assess how individuals with disabilities enter and exit rides and how they interact with ride restraints, and quantify accident risk and injury potential related to amusement park rides. Our team can also evaluate how specific incidents occur to assess the role of design features in a specific event and to evaluate the implications associated with the design.