Flexible Electronics

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Leverage flexible technology effectively

Exponent's electrical and electronics engineers help clients develop both organic and silicon-based, solid-state devices for flexible electronics applications.

How does Exponent's 50+ years of experience working with flexible electronics bring you breakthrough insights?

Popularized by United States space program demand in the 1960s, flexible substrates and flexible devices — now capable of providing power in the 1- to 50-kW range — are highly sought-after technology due to their lightweight, bendable, conformable, and rugged characteristics. Exponent's electrical and electronics engineers have worked extensively in the organic and silicon-based flexible electronics field and have broad knowledge of constituent chemistry and materials and manufacturing and processing techniques, including:

  • Roll- to-roll processing

  • Physical vapor deposition

  • Plasma deposition

Our team also has expertise in optical design and characterization methods and semiconductor devices and circuits used in flexible electronics, including:

  • Thin-film transistors

  • Organic thin-film transistors

  • Active-matrix organic light-emitting devices

  • Solid-state lighting: organic light emitting diodes

  • Sensor arrays

  • Solar cells

  • Radiofrequency identification tags

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

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