Global Notification of New Chemicals

Testing food in laboratory chemical regualtion and food safety

Navigate the complexities of new chemical control legislation

Before new chemicals can be approved to enter the global market by way of food, beverages, wellness products, and dietary supplements, chemical companies and product manufacturers must meet stringent chemical control regulations to ensure the safety and protection of humans, animals, and the environment. Exponent offers a full suite of services to help companies achieve global regulatory compliance.

Experienced guidance for new chemical introductions

With more than 30 offices and over 1,000 staff worldwide, Exponent has provided services to the chemical industry for nearly 50 years. Our experts in the U.K., EU, U.S., and Asia offer a wide range of technical and regulatory expertise to help companies of all sizes meet their new chemical regulatory obligations worldwide. Exponent's large industrial chemical notifications team includes regulatory affairs professionals, project managers, risk assessors, and technical specialists in all relevant scientific disciplines, who can help you achieve the successful registration of a product. These scientists have varying backgrounds in industry, government, and contract research, which positions Exponent to offer unparalleled expertise and insights related to complex regulatory challenges.

Many of our consulting staff have been working in the field of chemical regulations for more than 10 years and have extensive experience with a variety of global chemical regulatory schemes. Our team has extensive knowledge and resources related to chemical regulatory systems, including a network of local agents who can translate documents into native language and liaise effectively with regulatory authorities.