Emerging Automotive Technology Development

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Research and Training

Advancing the evolution of transportation technology

Exponent helps automotive innovators understand emerging automotive technologies, refine existing auto design and manufacturing methods, and develop future automotive and driving technologies.

How can we help you adapt tomorrow's technology to meet the demands of today's customer?

With modern transportation constantly evolving, and environmental and human safety policies heavily influencing design and manufacturing requirements, automakers must balance the demand for innovative technologies with a strict adherence to regulatory compliance.

Exponent's vehicle engineering team actively contributes to the advancement of transportation technology through original research, and that research, together with 50+ years' experience analyzing transportation incidents, provides Exponent with the relevant expertise to assist in the development of future transportation technologies.

Our multidisciplinary teams assist automotive innovators in developing the transportation technology of the future, specializing in areas such as electrified vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Autonomous Vehicles (AVs), manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (MAVs & UAVs), and micro-mobility transportation.

Exponent's state-of-the-art Test & Engineering Center (TEC) is equipped to perform the latest regulatory compliance and industry best practice testing. Exponent's commitment to information security and data privacy ensures that our clients' research and development is protected and secured.

Advances in materials science, power generation and storage, data processing, telecommunication and environmental sensing enable an increasing array of new transportation technologies, each of which benefit from Exponent's experience in incident analysis, innovative and broad-ranging testing capability and familiarity with the regulatory landscape.