Battery Industry Basics: A Practical Foundation in Battery Technology, Manufacturing, Design, and Safety

Exponent Presents at Sidley Battery Summit: Power Up and Take Charge

July 26, 2023
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Before you can build a better battery for the fast-changing battery market, you need to know the basics. Exponent's Data Sciences experts, Steve Murray, Ph.D., P.E., and Sergio Mendoza, Ph.D., will educate their audience on battery industry fundamentals in their presentation at the 2023 Sidley Battery Summit: Power Up and Take Charge being held in Washington, D.C., and virtually.

With full battery development lifecycle support across industries and applications — from the largest grid-scale batteries for utilities and leading-edge electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturing to consulting on battery technology for the smallest implantable medical devices — Exponent provides breakthrough answers to your toughest battery challenges.

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"Battery School 101"



• Battery technology and manufacturing fundamentals

• Battery design and engineering developments

• Considerations for battery safety


Steve Murray, Ph.D., Group Vice President and Principal Engineer, Data Sciences 

  • "Dr. Murray's areas of expertise include failure analysis of electrical and mechanical systems, metallurgy, and the mechanical and electrical properties of materials."

Sergio Mendoza, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Data Sciences

  • "Dr. Mendoza's research focused on quantifying how the thermodynamic properties of lithium-ion batteries contribute to errors in state and parameter estimation. Additionally, his extensive knowledge of energy storage materials enabled him to study battery pack performance and safety."
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"While today's EV battery management systems often provide warnings in the case of abnormal readings of key parameters ... regulatory trends can present opportunities for manufacturers to push the boundaries of what is currently possible and develop data-driven approaches to maximizing the safety and performance of battery packs." Read more.


Focusing on the EV market, Sidley's 2023 Battery Summit will provide an overview of battery technology fundamentals, available incentives for EV production, as well as the latest legal, regulatory, and sustainability insights.

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