Imaging techniques such as X-Rays and fluorescent based imagining as shown above are a vital part of modern diagnostic medicine. They provide a non-invasive, nearly instant ability to gain more information on a patient and are important parts of medical diagnostic devices. Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the body for medical analysis and possible intervention. Exponent’s experience and expertise in imaging include many aspects of ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation imaging, including:

  • EKGs and EEGs
  • X-Rays
  • Blood Profusion imaging
  • Oxygenation monitoring
  • Fluorescence scope imaging
  • Visual assistance for electro-surgery devices
  • Endoscopy

Many of these techniques leverage the fundamental properties of physics (like the speed of waves and radioactive isotopes), to produce images useful to diagnosticians. Exponent’s scientists and engineers have knowledge and understanding of many aspects of the principles at use in imaging systems, such as:

Our professionals additionally have expertise in technologies that assist in gaining the maximum information from these visuals, including the control systems, sensors and sensor systems (for example infrared sensing, florescence detection), and image processing needed to create meaningful visualization in a diagnostically significant manner.  


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