Biomedical Expertise for Disputes

Group of people in discussion. Expert consulting for intellectual property of medical device or patent infringement.

Accurate data-driven and science-based insights for formidable challenges

From intellectual property and patent infringement to hospital fires and product damage, Exponent delivers objective understanding that helps clients find a clear path forward through the most complex disputes.

When you have a high-stakes dispute, turn to Exponent for accurate, fact-based technical support.

With over 50 years of experience, Exponent's multidisciplinary approach to biomedical disputes helps clients clearly understand the facts and evidence. We tell clients not what they want to hear, but what they need to know for cases ranging from intellectual property, to device failures, to hospital fires.

Exponent is internationally recognized for our significant experience in all aspects of intellectual property, including patent infringement, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, valuation of intellectual capital, and International Trade Commission cases. When it comes to biomedical product damage, our multidisciplinary teams assess how a failure occurred, whether the products are salvageable, the valuation of an irreplaceable research product, and how to prevent future losses.


Biomedical companies, contract manufacturers, healthcare facilities, attorneys, inventors, and innovators rely on Exponent's multidisciplinary expertise to provide clarity and confidence in evaluating disputes.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.