Concept Prototyping

Product Development​ [EECS]

Evolve your concepts for parts, components, and systems into viable prototypes

Exponent's multidisciplinary experts enable faster prototyping by coupling design with specialized testing and analysis methods to simultaneously validate concepts while developing working product models.

Accelerate the prototyping process with Exponent's multidisciplinary expertise.

Companies looking to move from product concept to functioning prototype need a quick and efficient validation process. Stakeholders from numerous industries leverage early concept prototypes to explore constraints quickly, validate requirements, and move to a future product more efficiently.

With decades of experience prototyping military and commercial designs, Exponent delivers client concept solutions by combining modern rapid prototyping techniques with solid systems engineering and deep domain expertise across a wide range of industries and applications. Our prototyping teams include Exponent's traditional engineering consultants and a core group of mechanical designers, electronics engineers, software developers, and test and instrumentation engineers.

Summary of Services

We thrive on solving unstructured problems that require bespoke solutions. Some of our services include: 

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.