Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring

Geotechnical Instrumentation & Monitoring

Monitor geotechnical safety throughout your project

Whether verifying design assumptions, assessing the effects of construction on the environment and nearby structures, or monitoring building system and component performance, Exponent's geotechnical instrumentation monitoring services are tailored to your specific applications and needs at every stage of your project.

Meaningful, data-driven insights and analysis enable you to make confident decisions about structural performance.

The performance of geotechnical structures, including foundations, retaining walls, and embankments, is often monitored for both short- and long-term safety, evaluations of performance-based design and as part of during- and post-construction assessments. Exponent's experienced team of engineers and scientists can install devices for geotechnical instrumentation monitoring and evaluate and analyze the data, often remotely — which is especially useful for projects in need of distributed data acquisition. We could be monitoring the settlement of a building, widths of cracks, movement of a retaining wall, or changes in groundwater beneath a structure. We work directly with our clients to provide recommendations for proper use of the performance data and threshold levels as they relate to the operation and overall safety of the structure.

Exponent has considerable experience with various types of instruments, sensors, and measurement methods, covering many applications. We own a variety of accelerometers, geophones, tiltmeters, string potentiometers, thermometers, pressure sensors, laser scanners, microphones, video cameras, crack gages, and other tools to perform advanced monitoring and analysis. We are equally equipped to collect and analyze a variety of remote sensing data including satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle imaging.

Data logging and remote sensing

For remote sensing and data logging projects, Exponent's geotechnical consultants use a modular data acquisition system that can be adapted to your project's specific needs. The system uses modules that allow nearly all types of sensors to be used, and the system's signals can be sent via wired or wireless connection based on project requirements.

Exponent's system is portable and can be powered by a variety of power sources, including solar panels. It can also be installed in open areas with up to a one-mile line of sight using a high-gain wireless antenna.

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