Medical Technology Assessment Program

An engineer in Exponent's Philadelphia lab performs tests on medical devices as part of our Medical Technology & Assessment Program.

Strategic and tactical support for developing medical devices

When developing new medical devices, surgical implants, or wearable medical technologies, turn to Exponent's Medical Technology Assessment Program (MTAP) for rapid, thorough, and independent assessments of medical devices and technologies.

How do Exponent's multidisciplinary assessments help you understand the market for medical device manufacturing and innovation?

When making strategic investment and development decisions regarding medical devices, surgical implants, and biopharmaceutical products, Exponent delivers fast, thorough assessments and support. We help clients identify unmet needs in the marketplace, understand clinical indications, evaluate patient-reported and physician-reported outcome measures, assist in materials selection, and conduct engineering analysis and technical reviews. We also support clients in meeting FDA and regulatory requirements, developing global market strategies, tackling issues of pricing and medical insurance reimbursements, and we provide guidance on medical device testing and testing protocols.  

Research and analysis.

We help companies and venture capitalists alike analyze the competitive environment and refine a company's strategies for venture capital financing, research and development, and product marketing.

Strategic insights based on sound science.

Our science-based analyses provide a foundation for both investor funding and, later, for payor reimbursement. We provide advice to investment banks and investment funds in a wide range of areas, including mergers and affiliations, corporate acquisitions, technology licensing, reimbursement planning, portfolio analysis, patent prosecution, litigation, and due diligence.

The MTAP program provides analysis of the following: 

  • Unmet needs determination 

  • Clinical indications 

  • Patient-reported and clinician-reported outcome (ClinRos) measures 

  • Materials selection 

  • Technology (engineering analysis and review) 

  • Target condition epidemiology (size of market U.S. and worldwide) 

  • FDA and other regulatory hurdles 

  • Pricing and reimbursement issues 

  • Competing technologies 

  • Cost-effectiveness 

  • Complications and/or failure modes (liability) 

  • Marketing strategy 

  • Testing and testing protocols 

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