Multidisciplinary Expertise to Support the Life Sciences Industry

Young patient going into MRI machine. Exponent evaluates the safety, performance, biocompatibility of medical technology.

Data-driven support for new medical technologies

Exponent helps clients assess new market opportunities and evaluate the safety, biocompatibility, performance, and compliance of medical devices, wearable technologies, and pharmaceutical products by leveraging our depth and breadth of global experience in medical innovation, medical research, and pharmaceutical development.

How does Exponent assist you with developing innovative medical technologies and navigating the challenges of market acceptance?

Gaining market acceptance of new medical devices and evaluating their viability and biocompatibility requires a multidisciplinary approach and wide scope of expertise.

We leverage our extensive global experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, and digital health technology to help clients develop strategic plans for product development, testing, application, and market acceptance. We support regulatory compliance, establish early market adoption, and accelerate return on investment (ROI) by validating product cost, efficacy, and safety.


We help medical innovators move forward with confidence, armed with real-world evidence (RWE) backed by data-driven insights. 

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.