Plant Protection Products

In silico Toxicity Assessments (Q(SAR))

Protect the environment while guarding human and animal life

The EU Plant Protection Products Regulation provides significant regulatory and scientific challenges for companies looking to place their plant protection products on the market in the EU. Exponent has a proven record of accomplishment helping clients address these challenges, from high-level strategic advice to preparing dossiers to meet EU requirements.

Meeting the requirements of the EU Plant Protection Products Regulation.

With new procedural, criteria, and data requirements, the EU Plant Protection Product Regulation is now more complex than ever. Exponent consultants have worked with several repeat, satisfied clients — from small- to medium-sized companies  — helping them with preparation and submission of active substance and product dossiers. For example, in the last two years, we have prepared 20 dossiers for active substances and more than 50 dossiers for products, including the risk assessments.

Our team of scientists has extensive experience working in a variety of regulatory disciplines with a variety of regulatory authorities, contract research organizations, agrochemical companies, and other consultancies. This multidisciplinary work has given our team an excellent mix of skills and perspectives, ensuring that our insights lead to scientific and technical information presented in the correct regulatory context.

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