Vehicle & Component Performance Analysis

Vehicle & Component Performance Analysis Engineer Part Modeling

Real-world testing and analysis of automotive and transportation systems

The biggest names in the transportation industry trust Exponent to provide insightful, relevant, data-driven vehicle and component performance evaluations.

How does Exponent leverage 50+ years of experience to help clients identify strengths and vulnerabilities in vehicle systems?

In a marketplace of increasing complexity — whether a result of emerging technologies or evolving regulations — the automotive and transportation industries turn to Exponent to provide strategic guidance and tactical automotive performance testing solutions to evaluate structural integrity and test safety systems as well as to optimize performance.

We provide our clients with insights that only our collective experience combined with state-of-the-art evaluations can provide. For over 50 years we have led the industry in full-scale, instrumented vehicle dynamics and collision testing at our Test and Engineering Center (TEC) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our multidisciplinary teams have the expertise in failure analysis to evaluate individual automotive components and integrated systems. We conduct statistical analysis of real-world performance data, analyze individual incidents, and perform field, bench, and laboratory tests to provide rigorous, relevant comparisons and performance evaluations.

Our teams have firsthand knowledge of vehicle development processes for critical automotive systems and are knowledgeable about global regulatory requirements including the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) and other industry metrics.

How does Exponent help vehicle designers, fleet operators, and industry suppliers evaluate emerging technologies in transportation?

As the transportation industry evolves to include new transportation platforms such as micromobility devices, electric vehicles (EV), vehicles equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), and autonomous vehicles (AV), Exponent continuously expands our capabilities to encompass both traditional and new and emerging technologies.


Our multidisciplinary teams examine the strength, integrity, and performance of vehicles driven by internal combustion and electrical and hybrid technologies and evaluate issues such as structural crashworthiness, occupant safety, and powertrain performance.