Power Lines & Wildfires: Mitigate Enterprise Risks & Reduce Legal Exposure

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Wildfire Impact

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The ongoing risk of wildfires has created urgent challenges for utilities in managing exposed assets and business operations. To help prevent devastating incidents for people and the environment, stakeholders are seeking advanced risk management techniques that can help identify appropriate mitigations and determine where resources should be allocated and in what order. Decisions based on robust data analytics can inform business decisions, ranging from asset hardening and replacement strategies to real-time operational choices. 


This webinar will discuss the use of quantitative risk analysis based on first-principles engineering to better understand and address wildfire exposure for utilities at both the asset and system level. It will also explore how modern data analytics are key to making strategic decisions. Such decisions will be scrutinized in subsequent litigation when human casualties, property loss, or long-term ecological impacts occur. Finally, the webinar will discuss how the destruction of critical habitat, forest preserves, and protected species during a wildfire can all trigger additional litigation, especially when federal lands are affected.  


Key Takeaways:  

  • Why you should integrate asset management and data analytics into utility operations  
  • Where to find data-driven insights that determine the full breadth of exposure  
  • How to use quantitative risk analysis to determine mitigation effectiveness 
  • How to link legal exposure with asset management and data infrastructure  
  • Why passive data collection is key to reducing future liability  

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