Carrie Daniels

Carrie L. Daniels

Senior Managing Scientist
Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
District of Columbia
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Ms. Daniels has over 20 years of regulatory consulting experience, focused on EPA FIFRA regulatory matters. She provides regulatory expertise and strategic advice for the registration of conventional chemicals, biopesticides, and antimicrobial products at the Federal and State levels. Ms. Daniels also brings her expertise to guiding submissions for the support of inert ingredients, and providing evaluations for a variety of unique products including pesticide devices and treated articles.

Ms. Daniels is adept at bridging the intersection of science and regulatory requirements to navigate the complexities of pesticide registrations. She coordinates closely with toxicologists, ecotoxicologists, and environmental fate specialists to prepare data development strategies for new active ingredients and new uses. She is skilled in the evaluation of human health and environmental risk assessments in support of product registrations. She has provided regulatory and technical support for active ingredients undergoing re-registration and registration review.

In addition to registration support, Ms. Daniels has conducted due diligence and registrability evaluations for individual products, specific product-lines, and complete portfolios. She has provided support for the conduct of a variety of market basket surveys and product sampling on a national scale.


  • M.A., International Development Studies, George Washington University, 1997
  • B.A., International Relations, Roanoke College, 1995


Barraj L, Scrafford C, Lantz J, Daniels C, Mihlan G. Within-day drinking water consumption patterns: Results from a drinking water consumption survey. Journal of Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology 2008; Epub available at:


Messina JB, Daniels CL, Polakoff BM, Tucker KD. Registration? But it’s a natural product. Presentation at the American Chemical Society National Meeting, New York, NY, September 9, 2003.


Johnston JE, Scrafford CG, Daniels CL. An examination of exposure database limitations. Presented at the 2002 International Society of Exposure Analysis/International Society for Environmental Epidemiology Annual Conference, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 2002.

Project Experience

Prepared and led one-day seminars on EPA FIFRA and TSCA topics of interest, tailored to client portfolios and strategic needs.

Led multiple due diligence evaluations both for specific compounds as well as complete company portfolios. The evaluations included leading multi-disciplinary regulatory and technical teams in the review of the regulatory status and the toxicological, ecotoxicological, and environmental fate profile of a compound or portfolio of compounds.

Participated in the management and preparation of several successful Reduced Risk and Organophosphate Alternative submissions to the EPA. Responsibilities included running environmental fate models such as GENEEC, SCI-GROW, and FIRST, researching and compiling toxicology, ecotoxicology, and environmental fate data on competitive products, and coordinating the compilation of the submission with the client as well as internally.

Worked closely with technical staff in the preparation and refinement of LEACHP modeling in support of New York state pesticide registrations.

Prepared multiple import tolerance submissions for the US and Canada.

Assisted with the review and development of the registration strategy for several novel antimicrobial products. These projects included assisting with the review of protocols and set up of studies, coordinating with the analytical laboratory, and managing submissions to the EPA.

Assisted in the execution of a multi-year GLP market basket surveys. Coordinated with survey participants and laboratories to ensure arrival of samples. Assisted with the management of raw data in accordance with GLP procedures.

Conducted extensive literature searches and research (including compilation, and organization of materials) in support EPA and FDA submissions. Conducted research into food and pesticide regulations in Latin America, the EU, and Japan to support client registration needs.


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  • M.A., International Development Studies, George Washington University, 1997
  • B.A., International Relations, Roanoke College, 1995