Accident & Failure Investigation

In April 1967, five Ph.D.-level professors and researchers, with expertise in materials science, engineering mechanics, and structural analysis, started a consulting business named Failure Analysis Associates® (FaAA). For over 50 years, Exponent (formerly FaAA) has been a leader in the investigation, analysis, and prevention of accidents and failures. We are one of the largest consulting firms in the world that has a specialty in failure analysis. We have conducted over a hundred thousand investigations over the years for corporations, insurers, individuals, and their counsel to figure out “what happened?” Our work has involved product, structural, or process failures; explosions and fires, upsets and releases, injury assessment, and accident reconstruction involving every industry. Exponent also offers analysis of environmental and human health impacts related to accidents and failures. What makes us unique is that we have the capabilities to assess accidents and failures from almost every point of the product or process design cycle.

Areas that we have traditionally performed accident and failure investigation include:

  • Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Computer Hardware & Software
  • Electrical Systems and Components
  • Industrial Manufacturing and Mechanical Systems
  • Consumer Products
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Vehicles and Transport

For information on the specific services Exponent performs in the area of Accident and Failure Investigation, visit our Practices and Industries page.

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