Assessment & Management of Natural Resource Capital

Aerial view of forest

Maximize the value of your natural resource capital

Exponent's ecologists, environmental scientists, and natural resource economists help clients identify, account for, and sustain value from eco-assets while maintaining profitable business operations and minimizing environmental footprints.

How does Exponent help clients leverage the eco-credit markets to create ecologically viable expansion projects?

Stakeholders face multiple factors when deciding to expand operations or develop new land. Recent regulations require operators to consider the environmental impact of new expansion projects.

To the extent a project's impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services is unavoidable, Exponent's multidisciplinary natural resource assessment and management teams can support clients in developing equitable offsets. We're experienced in helping clients create strategic plans designed to provide the greatest value in credit markets, including carbon, wetland, habitat, species, and regional water quality trading banks or auctions.

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams of natural resource capital consultants combine expertise in ecology, toxicology, chemistry, restoration, remote sensing, and natural resource economics to bring you breakthrough ecological and environmental insights.

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