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Building Components (Window, Roofing, Siding, Sealants) [PSMC]

Accurately evaluate risks associated with potentially deficient cladding components

Buildings with defective cladding elements and systems may be exposed to several long-term performance issues, possibly leading to energy inefficiencies, building code noncompliance, poor indoor air quality, or even structural failure. Exponent provides clients with in-depth investigations of individual building components and an assessment of their interdependence on each other and the outside environment.

How do you effectively assess risks posed by deficient building components?

Exponent's engineers and scientists investigate failures of multiple building elements and systems, ranging from defects in individual components like windows or roofing products to faulty HVAC systems to extensive deficiencies in exterior wall systems. Causes for component failures can include inadequate design, improper work execution, defective or incompatible products/materials, aging, extreme weather events, or lack of maintenance.

Exponent's expertise includes building envelope component investigations of roofing membranes, exterior wall cladding (e.g., stucco, manufactured stone, brick veneer, and siding products made from wood, vinyl, fiber-cement, hardboard, sheet metal, and others), foundation waterproofing, windows and doors, and the interface between components interacting with the HVAC systems. Our experts have decades of experience investigating roof failures on both flat and sloped surfaces and assessing the performance of building façades on structures ranging from low- to high-rise and residential to industrial.


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