Deep Excavation & Urban Construction

Deep Excavation & Urban Construction

Resolve deep excavation challenges from pre- and post-construction to emergency events

With expertise in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, construction management, and structural engineering, Exponent provides an experienced, integrated approach to help you overcome any deep excavation challenge.

What's the best way to assess and mitigate risks associated with deep excavation?

With more than 50 years of experience in addressing complex scientific, engineering, and construction challenges, Exponent is uniquely qualified to lead deep excavation evaluations and failure investigations. Although excavations are regulated by federal, state, and local building codes, numerous factors create challenges when developing a site, including design and construction errors and omission, construction accidents, striking unknown utilities, differing site conditions, and unforeseen natural events.

Design and construction typically involve many steps, including site characterization, design of excavation support systems, specification of responses to construction difficulties, preconstruction surveys of adjacent properties and utilities, field observations and monitoring during construction, and excavation installation. Because, in an urban environment, deep excavations may damage adjacent properties, the consequences of inadequate performance can be amplified. Exponent's multidisciplinary team can help with challenges pre- and post-excavation.

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