Human Factors Risk Assessments

Two Exponent scientists assess human factors risks for consumer products, industrial equipment, processes, and more.

Quantify risks related to human factors

Assessments of risks related to human factors are essential for businesses looking to understand how human users interact with consumer products, industrial equipment, processes, environmental factors, and other systems. Risk assessments help businesses understand how these interactions can impact safety guidelines, brand reputations, and hazards. Exponent analyzes and characterizes risks associated with factors both internal and external to the human user and advises clients about whether and how to control and mitigate associated challenges.

How do you use scenarios to assess risk and account for the unpredictable when it comes to people?

Exponent's scientists and engineers advise clients on hazards related to everything from consumer products, to medical devices, to industrial equipment, to vehicles. Risk assessments that incorporate human factors are designed to identify sources of risk, include evaluations that support findings, and ultimately provide recommendations for control or mitigation.

Integrating user experience (UX), bio-signal data, human body scanning, and morphometry evaluations provides unique insights for estimating risk, as well as effective strategies to minimize adverse incidents that have human root causes.

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