REACH Dossier Update Obligations

REACH Dossier Update Obligations Paper

Manage complexities of REACH

Exponent assists companies looking to improve the quality of REACH registrations or to help mitigate the risk of European Chemical Agency (ECHA) requests for additional test data.

How does Exponent provide extensive, experienced REACH registration and dossier support?

The EU REACH Regulation requires registrants to update their REACH registrations "without undue delay" when information on their substance, the supply level of the substance, or company information changes. Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/1435 sets out the timelines by which all registrants are obligated to update their registration dossiers.

Action plan for review and improvement of registration dossiers

Cefic, a major EU chemical industry association, has devised a "REACH Dossier Improvement Action Plan," which provides a voluntary framework for registrants to evaluate information that has been submitted as part of a registration, in a stepwise manner. The Action Plan outlines the timeline, roles and responsibilities, substance prioritization criteria, and critical issues to achieve a better alignment between submitted data and ECHA's current expectations on the content of dossiers.

How Exponent can help

Exponent supports companies wanting to improve the quality of their REACH registration dossiers prepare for increased regulations or mitigate the risk of ECHA requests for additional test data. Exponent's REACH team, composed of regulatory affairs professionals, understands what is acceptable to the regulatory authorities, providing unparalleled experience and expertise. With offices and experts in the U.K., EU, U.S., and Asia, we offer an extensive range of technical and regulatory services to help companies meet their REACH obligations.

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