Regulation & Safety of Personal Care Products

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Exceed regulatory requirements and customer expectations for cosmetics and personal care

Exponent's experienced consultants have worked closely with food and beverage industry clients, trade associations, government regulators, and contract research organizations to provide insights related to the regulation of food, cosmetics, and personal care ingredients.

How do you ensure safe, high-quality, and sustainable personal care products?

The development and marketing of cosmetic, personal care, and household products involves complex formulation and ingredient selection to ensure that the final product not only works as expected, but also protects the end consumer from possible harm when using the product.

Cosmetic product safety and effectiveness is imperative for many regulatory frameworks. From the EU to the U.K., to California and Canada — recent regulations have stepped up the requirements for safety assessments, requiring extensive product data that show products are stable, made to good manufacturing practice (GMP) standards, and deliver on claims.

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams have decades of experience working across all areas of the personal care industry, including product development, distribution, and manufacturing of cosmetic and personal care products. Additionally, many of our highly experienced consultants have worked for industry, with trade associations, as government regulators, or for contract research organizations, giving us unparalleled expertise with solving complex regulatory and scientific problems.

With a global footprint, the Team can act as your U.K. and EU Responsible Persons for all your cosmetic and personal care registrations or provide contract and ad-hoc regulatory services for products intended for international distribution. We can also act as registered agents in other regions, including the U.S.

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