Technology Development for Mechanical Components & Systems

Technology Development​ [ME]

Accelerate research and development

Exponent uses rapid prototyping and technical analyses to help companies develop concepts, refine existing designs, and evaluate new technologies.

Innovative product development strategies and technologies help you increase efficiency, enhance product quality, and improve speed to market.

Delays in prototype development and early-stage testing can cascade through project timelines and slow the evaluation process. Improper definition of design requirements can result in over or under-engineering, affecting a product's cost and user experience.

Harnessing advanced technologies and research from our experience across numerous industries, Exponent delivers innovative technology solutions to clients in close collaboration with end users to help ensure ease of use, reliability, quality, and speed to market.

Bespoke solutions.

We leverage the best off-the-shelf technologies combined with custom development to provide solutions ranging from conceptual architectures, to subcomponent proofs-of-concepts, to fully integrated systems. We work closely with our clients to develop requirements and distill them into actionable design targets.

Full lifecycle support.

For prototype development, we can assist you in evaluating a proposed solution — often working from the early-stage concept — to create a tangible prototype you can evaluate in the laboratory, in the boardroom, or in the field. In-house testing and product development facilities allow us to move quickly when clients require prototypes on accelerated schedules.

Innovative research, development, and testing services.

Exponent's technology development services include broad market and independent scientific research and identification of off-the-shelf solutions, rapid prototyping, testing in the intended operational environment, evaluation against client requirements, and producing documentation supporting regulatory or intellectual property filings.

Many of our experts participate on U.S. and international regulatory standard committees and use this knowledge to assist with documentation and product or process development requirements.