Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (EDR)

Technology and event data recording capabilities are continually evolving in commercial vehicles.  One source of data is the engine electronic control module (ECM) that stores engine parameter data, fault codes and potentially records information related to hard braking events and the vehicle’s last stop. In addition to the ECM, systems capable of recording electronic data in modern tractors include advanced anti-lock brakes incorporating stability control capability, GPS-based fleet monitoring systems, advanced collision mitigation systems such as forward crash warning and lane departure warning, and on-board video systems.

Information stored in these systems includes:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Engine speed
  • Brake status
  • Clutch status
  • Throttle percentage
  • Cruise control status
  • Configuration parameters
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Forward collision warning interventions
  • Lane departure warning events
  • GPS-based positional data
  • On-board video

Exponent’s heavy truck accident reconstruction engineers are knowledgeable in event data recording technologies, and have the training and experience to obtain the data and incorporate the data as part of their accident reconstruction analysis.



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