Product Performance, Safety & Recall

Exponent’s team of engineers and scientists provide clients with a comprehensive suite of support services once a product has been put to into the stream of commerce.  Exponent provides support to assist with warranty claims, pro-active product recall, regulatory investigations, or litigation. Our consultants work with clients to respond to regulatory requests and have presented findings in front of the major U.S. regulatory bodies, including the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Our approach is focused on the robustness of the product related to particular safety concerns, so that if and when a failure occurs, it will occur safely.


With over 50 years in the business of understanding why failures occur, Exponent works with clients to evaluate product performance and apply safety to their products or processes. If a product does require recall, our engineers and scientists work with in-house counterparts to make sure that they take quick and appropriate regulatory action. We apply human factors analyses to the consideration of whether products should be recalled, and whether a design change is appropriate to address issues of safety or customer complaints. We also consider the abilities and limitations of users with respect to issues raised about a specific product, equipment, or process involved in an accident. To quantify how machines, vehicles, consumer products, and components behave in their real-world environments, we have developed one of the largest in-house collections of accident and incident data in the country. Using this information Exponent’s statisticians and data scientists determine whether a particular activity or product poses an unreasonable risk to the user. Our Chemical Regulation and Food Safety consultants work with clients to assure that products comply with federal or international regulations.  Our health scientists provide pro-active consultations to clients to evaluate potential health issues related to processes or products they are contemplating manufacturing and assist with investigations when individuals are injured. 

For specific services that Exponent performs in the area of Product Performance, Safety and Recall, visit our Practices and Industries page.

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