Computational Modeling: Thermal Sciences

Computational Modeling​ [TS]

Investigate failures faster and more efficiently

Computational modeling is often a less expensive and faster alternative to thermal or flow experiments. Exponent conducts advanced computational fluid dynamics modeling, fire and explosions modeling, cryogenic liquid modeling, oil and LNG spills modeling, and emissions dispersions modeling for a wide variety of industries.

How can a proper analysis and understanding of thermal events assist in improving safety, protecting the environment, and settling disputes?

Our engineers use computational tools to solve a wide variety of problems — no matter the size or complexity. We have evaluated the multiphase flow of hydrocarbons through pipelines, drug elution from cardiovascular stents, flow through turbomachinery and aircraft engines, diffusion of carbon monoxide (CO) and gas leaks, thermal management of electronic devices, venting of lithium-ion batteries, the spread of cryogenic liquids in trenches and sumps, among many others.

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