Damage Assessment

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Assess electrical damages from weather and catastrophic events

When electrical infrastructure — from residential and commercial electrical systems to large-scale power generation, transmission, and distribution systems — is damaged in catastrophic events, Exponent provides rapid response damage assessment and delivers clarity for moving forward with remediation and repairs.

How do you assess and reduce damage for extreme weather and catastrophic events?

When tornados, floods, hurricanes, or wildfires wreak havoc on residential communities, manufacturing districts, or commercial areas, Exponent's multidisciplinary teams provide damage assessments and critical insights regarding the scope of work required for remediation, repair, or modifications — and help communities work toward restoring power in an effective manner.

Exponent quickly deploys teams to rapidly assess damage to electrical systems and makes recommendations for replacement or repair. Our electrical engineers and other subject matter experts are licensed in multiple states and can rapidly respond to affected areas.

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