Environmental Modeling

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Better understand chemical impact including toxicity and exposure

Government agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and EU regulators, as well as other stakeholders, require every industry — including manufacturing, chemical processing and refining, transportation, farming, and ranching — to develop thorough environmental assessments to measure chemical toxicity and demonstrate the potential effects of exposures on natural communities, organisms, and ecosystems. Exponent conducts exposure modeling and related ecological assessments a priori to support submissions to the EPA and other regulatory agencies.

How can laboratory test results of chemical exposure data differ from the actual field sites?

The processes and methods for conducting environmental and ecological assessments are becoming increasingly complex, both in terms of estimating potential exposures and in utilizing data generated on different types of non-target organisms including mammals, birds, fish, aquatic and terrestrial invertebrates, soil micro- and macro-organisms, and aquatic and terrestrial plants.

We help our clients understand the impacts from chemical toxicity and exposure rates, including their chemical processes and interactions in the environment. Exponent conducts the modeling utilized by U.S. and EU regulatory agencies and delivers clients a thorough, up-front understanding of how agencies will evaluate a chemical. Additionally, we provide feedback and recommendations if mitigation measures are needed.

Our multidisciplinary teams conduct higher-tier environmental evaluations, such as using the full toxicology data sets, rather than the limited use and extrapolations of toxicity data that are typically used by regulators in a screening-level assessment. This method provides clients with more detailed, realistic estimates of exposure, and often results in a very different picture of potential risk than what is provided by the standard regulatory screening-level assessment.

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