Manufacturing Technology & Industrial Equipment

Exponent’s consultants provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to issues facing the diverse manufacturing sector.  Whether it be support for development of new operations and facilities, or assistance related to product or process failure, our consulting staff of more than 650 professionals have the experience and expertise to evaluate any technical issue.


Technology and equipment can range from the very small (MEMS) to the largest heavy machinery.  Our engineering staff works with clients on issues ranging from design concept to manufacturing, distribution and performance in the field. We assess products and processes using a holistic 360 degree approach – from risk in design to risk of transporting products to assessing how buyers use the product in the stream of commerce. Our infrastructure and construction consulting team works with companies and insurers to evaluate facility design and construction issues,


The manufacturing process utilizes a variety of chemicals that may impact the environment if not controlled.  We work with clients on regulatory compliance and safety issues as well as address concerns when chemicals are accidently released into the air, water or soil and cause subsequent impact to wildlife.


The manufacturing sector employees multiple thousands of employees in the US.  A safe and healthy work force is tantamount to manufacturing and distributing product. Consultants at Exponent are skilled at assisting companies evaluate health risk to employees from doing their daily jobs. When upsets occur, we assess the impact to workers as well as the surrounding communities.

For more information on the services we provide to the Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Equipment Industry, please see our Practices and Industries page.


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