Wireless Communication

Wireless technology problems often require knowledge of electromagnetic waves, antenna design, analog circuitry, and communication protocols.  Exponent’s multidisciplinary team of engineers provides expertise in each of these areas to address a broad array of wireless communications questions.  Exponent provides support at all phases of the product or system life cycle, from early design assistance to guidance with compliance regulations to assistance with products or systems that are operating improperly.  We have unique expertise in each of the following areas of wireless communication and wireless transfer:

The team at Exponent includes specialists in both measurement and modeling, as well as significant experience in product design and manufacturing, and failure analysis.  Our measurement and modeling capabilities for wireless communications include:

  • In-house electromagnetic test facility with anechoic chamber and spectrum/network analysis test equipment
  • Portable probes for field and on-site measurements
  • FDTD, FEA and Method of Moments computational modeling software packages for analysis across broad ranges of frequencies and applications
  • Measurement or modeling of antenna radiation patterns
  • Measurement or modeling of electric and magnetic field levels
  • Measurement of spurious emissions
  • Modeling of induced current levels
  • Modeling and analysis of human exposure
  • Design guidance accounting for any or all of the above



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