Battery Failure Analysis & Investigation

Exponent’s multidisciplinary experts have been unraveling battery failures and building solutions that resolve complex issues at the source for decades. We bring together unparalleled perspectives in battery science and engineering to clearly diagnose the cause of an incident.

Our detailed battery failure analysis and investigative process starts at the site of the failure to ensure the remains of the battery arrive safely at one of Exponent’s worldwide laboratories using trusted logistics partners who expedite delivery — and continues through component and cell disassembly with materials analysis down to the molecular level, if necessary. Leveraging Exponent’s sophisticated testing capabilities and decades of experience-backed insights, our services combine global reach and speed with extensive knowledge of battery technologies. We determine the root causes of failures and identify opportunities for mitigation against possible future failures.

Our Approach

At Exponent, we understand that battery failures carry different risks and consequences for different applications and industries. Battery chemistry and design can vary significantly between, for example, an implantable medical device and a high-performance electric vehicle, and these differences can give rise to very different battery failure mechanisms. Exponent’s understanding of all battery chemistries and their applications allows for streamlined failure analysis investigations to quickly arrive at the root cause of battery failures. Each situation requires industry- and application-specific considerations to ensure safety, performance, and reliability across the continuum of a battery’s lifespan.

Battery Failure Analysis and Investigation Graphic | Exponent