Design & Process Evaluation

Exponent provides independent, third party design and process safety reviews for clients that are designing, manufacturing, and distributing products. With over 50 years of analyzing accidents and failures, our consultants provide a valuable service to companies to address potential product or process risk concerns, construction or manufacturing issues, as well provide supplemental engineering or scientific support services to their design team. We work with companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, to perform services such as mechanical, electrical or structural analyses, testing, materials characterization, product usage, health or environmental risk evaluations, construction management and regulatory support.

Exponent works as an independent third party with manufacturers to analyze potential risks prior to bringing their product to market. Exponent statisticians consult with product safety engineers during the product design or manufacturing cycle to try to estimate the risk of accident or injury that might be associated with the use of a product. We have analyzed aspects of human factors in the development of new products, product components or features, design changes, and processes for product and equipment use. Our health team works to assess potential human health risks that companies may not have considered when designing the product.  Our environmental and health consultants are called upon to assess the potential impact that this product or process might have on the environment or the general public.  Our civil, structural and construction consulting practices works with contractors and owners on issues related to design / build, cost and project management. We also provide regulatory support to companies submitting their products for review to agencies such as FDA, EPA or comparable agencies in the EU or other parts of the world.

Related to manufacturing, our expertise as process engineers has enabled us to assist clients understand the limits and capabilities of their manufacturing processes and equipment. This experience provides a valuable knowledge base of lessons learned for assisting clients in evaluating the safety of their facilities.  Our data scientists and statisticians work on process and quality improvement issues. We have demonstrated the ability to use this knowledge to implement process improvements in many industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer products, energy, and biomedical. Finally, Exponent staff, both in the US and in Asia, perform quality audits at manufacturing sites and assist with evaluation of vendor suppliers.

For specific services that Exponent performs in the area of Design and Process Evaluation, visit our Practices and Industries page.

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