Evaluate crane failures and prevent future accidents

Crane failures are dramatic events that can result in fatalities, injuries, property damage, and project delays. Exponent conducts crane failure accident investigations and applies these findings, along with advanced analyses and testing methods, to reduce risks related to crane performance.

How do you effectively safeguard for crane installation and use?

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams include structural and mechanical engineers and materials scientists who work together to review, test, and analyze crane accidents and failures. We have consulted for crane manufacturers, owners and operators, contractors, and insurance companies on tower, truck-mounted, crawler, offshore/marine, overhead, portal, and gantry cranes.

Our extensive experience investigating crane issues enables us to help clients reduce the probability of future accidents. Additionally, we provide forward-thinking engineering services and oversight to minimize the risk of a catastrophic failure, and we often review clients' crane installations and apply best practices.

Exponent's reactive services include emergency response, damage assessment, cause-and-origin forensic examinations, delay claim analysis, and 3D visualization and animations for trial exhibits.

Our proactive services include pre-construction review, initial erection review, jump review, critical lift review, and disassembly review.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

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