Environmental Consulting for International Arbitration

Green trees in a forest. Exponent environmental consulting for international arbitration provides objective, evidence-based insights.

Sophisticated international arbitration support

International arbitration cases are complex by nature and involve multiple stakeholders worldwide, particularly in environmental applications. Our international arbitration consultants provide objective, evidence-based insights to claimants, respondents, or arbitration panels.

Experienced arbitration consulting for high-priority claims.

Large projects with environmental implications and global stakeholders (owners, contractors, operators, and their counsel) are becoming more common and complex, including "megaprojects" representing capital investments in the billions of U.S. dollars, which have been known to incur costs and schedule overruns. As the frequency and complexity of these projects trend upward each year, so does the number of disputes. The technical nature of issues surrounding fossil fuel power generation, renewable energy, clean combustion, agrochemical, oil and gas, mining, and carbon capture technology projects increasingly demands that multidisciplinary scientific and engineering analyses play a significant role earlier in the process to mitigate costly errors and undesirable outcomes.

Exponent's engineering and scientific consultants have the deep industry expertise required for sophisticated support in your arbitration matters. Our international arbitration consultants are ready to provide objective, independent, and evidence-based insights to claimants, respondents, or arbitration panels.

Exponent provides end-to-end international arbitration consulting, including support evaluating whether a claim is worth pursuing. 

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