Plastics in the Environment

Boy recycling plastic

Proactively minimize environmental impacts from plastic waste

Exponent's multidisciplinary teams help industrial clients identify polymer and plastic waste and mitigate environmental impacts throughout every stage of the business lifecycle.

How can Exponent help clients develop proactive plans to minimize environmental impacts from plastic waste? 

When plastics and synthetic polymers are not properly recycled or disposed of, they make their way into waterways, threatening vulnerable ecosystems and natural environments. Exponent's multidisciplinary teams assist clients in identifying and mitigating current and future environmental risks, analyzing product lifecycles, and enhancing product stewardship for their plastics and polymers portfolios.

Our consultants have expertise in chemistry, toxicology, fisheries science, environmental engineering, manufacturing, and other disciplines relevant to the fate and effects of plastics and polymers in the environment and their management.

How can Exponent help you navigate changing environmental legislation?

Plastic waste and the release of other synthetic polymers into the environment and global waterways has drawn increased attention from scientists, governments, and the public.

Intense research and emerging regional, national, and international policies and regulations now focus on the potential environmental and economic impacts of plastic debris in oceans, lakes, and rivers as well as sediments and soils. Recent initiatives ban specific uses of plastics, such as microbeads in cosmetics, and support the use of recycled, compostable, or recoverable plastics.

Although extensive research is being conducted to examine the possibility of using bio-based polymers as an alternative to petroleum-based polymers, substantial challenges remain in understanding and implementing technologies that facilitate waste minimization, reuse, and plastics recycling in the current plastics circular economy.

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