Product Stewardship & Ecological Impact

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Strategic ecological management initiatives

A well-designed and properly executed product stewardship program can help accelerate global growth, reduce risks, and establish stronger customer relationships. Exponent helps you develop product stewardship initiatives designed to minimize ecological and environmental impacts throughout every stage of the product lifecycle, from research and design to disposal and recycling.

How does Exponent help you plan and execute strategic product stewardship?

As consumers continue to express increasing concerns over the ecological and environmental impacts of industrial processes, chemicals in consumer products, and used packaging materials, companies are more motivated than ever to adopt or improve product stewardship programs.

How does product stewardship work?

A properly designed and executed product stewardship program includes paths for both the producer and the consumer to take responsibility for the recycling or disposal of the product, byproducts, and packaging at different stages of the product lifecycle. Though often used interchangeably, there are important policy and financial differences between extended producer responsibility (EPR) and stewardship programs. EPR programs place full responsibility and costs on producers, whereas stewardship programs are partially funded by government or consumer-paid environmental fees.

Exponent helps you reduce the health, safety, ecological, environmental, and social impacts of your products and packaging.

Exponent's product stewardship experts have the technical, regulatory, and professional experience necessary to address the complex product stewardship challenges affecting your business. We provide you with a proactive approach to minimizing a range of harmful impacts of your products and technologies.

We assist clients in aligning product stewardship goals and initiatives with global stakeholders including:

  • The EU's REACH chemical registration program
  • The UN's Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals
  • The World Health Organization's harmonization standards for Chemical Risk Assessment

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