Welding, Soldering & Brazing Expertise

A worker is elevated above a building welding an I-beam. Exponent materials engineers consult on welding and fabrication.

Accurate understanding of welds and welding

Exponent delivers multidisciplinary expertise for objective analysis of welding and joining challenges related to materials selection, joint design and analysis, code compliance, failure analysis, process safety, and quality control.

How does Exponent's multidisciplinary approach provide evidence-based insights for welding challenges?

Joints and components that have been fabricated via welding, brazing, and soldering are crucial for the strength, function, and safety of numerous products and structures across a variety of industries. Exponent's licensed professional engineers and certified welding inspectors help you evaluate your welding and joining needs — whether working in heavy equipment manufacturing, biomedical devices, automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, food processing, construction, shipping and offshore structures, electronics, batteries, or heat exchangers.

Our materials engineers have significant experience conducting weld failure investigations, identifying relevant potential failure modes and defects in joints, and providing mitigation strategies for joining issues. Oftentimes, we employ a multidisciplinary approach to the analysis of welds and welding, such as collaborative investigations with our structural engineers to evaluate welds used in construction, or our mechanical engineers to evaluate welded connections via finite element analysis.

In addition to welding and joining engineering, our multidisciplinary teams provide analysis associated with welding processes, including occupational safety. Exponent's health scientists evaluate the health effects of welding fumes on workers, and our thermal scientists have consulted on issues related to actual welding-related fires and explosions. Welding safety also includes addressing physical, electrical, radiation, pressure, and other hazards in the welding environment.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

With expertise in over 90 disciplines and hundreds of capabilities, tools, and methodologies — we get to the root of even the most complex challenges and give you the objective answers you need.


Our global and comprehensive expertise across industries gives us a deep understanding of current challenges, best industry practices, and the implications of emerging technologies.