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For more than 50 years, we have provided consulting services to most of the major international oil and gas companies, in all aspects of their operations. With our experience analyzing complex projects and evaluating thousands of failures, Exponent is a leader in loss investigation and failure analysis in the petroleum industry, with investigations ranging from high-loss disasters to small incidents for major national and international exploration and production companies.  Because of this knowledge, we are able to assist pro-actively with design assessments; health studies; environmental evaluation and regulatory compliance.

Exponent combines unparalleled technical expertise with the ability to respond rapidly and to focus this knowledge in extremely short time frames. The value that Exponent brings to its oil and gas clients includes:

  • Proven experience on high-profile projects — often in a dispute resolution setting
  • Deep, functional knowledge of engineering fundamentals: mechanical, structural, metallurgical, materials, chemical, electrical, and others
  • Scientific depth in environmental and health perspectives
  • Convergence of our skills in risk, reliability, and vulnerability analyses
  • Operational knowledge of the oil and gas industry.

Exponent engineers and scientists have unique insights in various risk and reliability, environmental impact, and health assessments, to help clients improve the safety practices and procedures for their personnel, processes, and facilities, and minimize operational disruptions and property loss. Additionally, our expertise in risk assessment, release characterization, dispersion modeling, vapor-cloud explosion analysis, industrial hygiene, toxicology, and epidemiology allows us to comprehensively examine the consequences of both hypothetical and actual releases of toxic and flammable substances. Our expertise in site investigation, environmental fate and transport, modeling, and remediation allows us to provide groundwater and soil remediation support, as needed.

For more information on services we offer for the Oil and Gas Industry, please visit our Practices and Industries page.


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