Data Sciences

The Data Sciences practice comprises Exponent’s core capabilities in statistical methods for the collection, management, visualization, and inferential analysis of data. Drawing on experience in a breadth of engineering, science, health, and environmental applications—and frequently working in collaboration with other Exponent practices—we assist clients at all stages of the product or process life cycle:

  • The design and analysis of product development studies
  • The development, improvement, and control of manufacturing processes and product quality
  • Monitoring the safety, reliability, and performance of products in use by customers
  • Evaluation of economic damages 

We design sample surveys and experiments, create value-added databases through synthesis of client-supplied and public data, and implement innovative techniques for statistical learning and predictive analytics. Our approach to studies is intended to support data-driven decision making and to help clients measure their risks and benefits to determine appropriate courses of action.

Our consultants are nationally recognized leaders who assist clients in the extraction of information from data to address questions pertinent to their organization’s mission and key relationships. Our professional staff have earned master’s- and doctoral-level degrees in various fields of quantitative science—including statistics, mathematics, and computer science—or have sometimes acquired their knowledge in graduate-level programs in fields ranging from environmental health sciences to mechanical engineering. 



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