Cell Testing

Exponent laboratories are equipped to test a large variety of cell chemistries, form factors and configurations. Our experienced engineers can design unique application specific test protocols that are tailored to evaluate a cell’s performance in its operating environment.

We commonly conduct a variety of high-level performance and reliability tests on cells including:

  • Normal operation evaluation
  • Capacity analysis and testing to identify degradation mechanisms
  • Cell performance evaluation under a variety of temperature conditions (constant or cyclic)
  • Calendar life testing
  • Cell shelf life testing
  • Cell service life testing
  • Vent testing

We also conduct cell stress tests to evaluate response to a variety of stresses including:

  • Electrical
    • Electrical overstress/overcharge
    • Electrical overdischarge
    • Electrical life cycles
    • Electrical short circuit performance
  • Environmental
    • Heating including hot box, flame attack, and UL projectile testing
    • Altitude simulation
    • High/low humidity
  • Mechanical
    • Random and controlled impacts 
    • Random and controlled drops
    • Steady force application
    • Random and controlled vibration
    • Mechanical shock
    • Crush and puncture, including nail penetration
    • Customized user abuse scenarios
    • Vehicle accident scenarios



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