Food Safety & Nutrition Regulatory Support

Food Safety & Nutrition Regulatory Support

Make smarter and safer food product, process, and compliance decisions

Food and nutritional regulations are imperative when it comes to protecting human health and safety — from cross contamination and E. coli outbreak management to ensuring infant formula safety and school lunch guidelines. Exponent's scientists are internationally recognized experts in food science, risk assessment, microbiology, chemistry, nutrition, epidemiology, biostatistics, and product recall and regulatory support and can help you overcome a range of regulatory challenges.

Navigating complex food safety and regulatory issues

Food safety programs

The environment in which food companies and their suppliers operate is changing rapidly with growing consumer demand for natural and sustainably sourced food products, more stringent regulations, and increased demand for state-of-the-art food safety systems. Exponent offers a variety of customizable food safety services, from addressing an urgent need for a complete third-party food safety evaluation to ensuring that brands are protected from harmful contaminants and microbes and comply with regulations.

Exponent's scientific and regulatory consultants can conduct vulnerability assessments of regulatory and safety systems, perform safety assessments and compliance audits, and manage due diligence processes from start to finish. We conduct in-plant evaluations for food hazard identification, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliance, and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) adequacy. In addition, we review process and quality systems documentation, validate preventive control technologies, review Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) preparedness, and develop process models to verify product safety. Often working with our clients' in-house technical staff, internal counsel, or external law or insurance firms, Exponent provides the scientific, technical, and regulatory capabilities needed for time-sensitive and issue-sensitive work that is critical for business success.

Regulatory support

In today's evolving regulatory environment, food and beverage companies, and departments and agencies need experienced advisors who can navigate through complex food and ingredient compliance necessities. Our experts support safety assessments for food and color additives, generally recognized as safe (GRAS) substances, food contact substances, and newly introduced dietary ingredients, and provide dietary intake estimates in the U.S., EU, and other countries to support regulatory submissions and other safety assessments of various food components. In addition to regulatory support on behalf of our clients, our consultants also prepare scientific substantiation for claims related to health, nutrient content, and structure/function.

Whether in a food plant or on a national or international regulatory strategy committee, our scientific and regulatory consultants have the knowledge and experience to efficiently address your most pressing pre- and post-market needs. Our project experience includes foods and beverages, dietary supplements, novel foods, medical foods, infant formula, and bottled water. With a multidisciplinary team including medical, human factors, public health, and nutrition experts, we also have the expanded capability to evaluate consumer behavior, intake and exposures, and adverse reactions.

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