Power Electronics

An Engineer evaluating electronic components. Exponent electrical engineers and computer scientists consult on  electronics.

Design and Manufacture More Robust and Reliable Power Electronics

Whether for vehicle electrification or renewable energy sources, the demand for novel, robust, and reliable power electronic devices is experiencing remarkable growth. Exponent advises on a range of challenging power electronic systems — from powering motors in electric vehicles to converting solar energy to grid electricity — and helps ensure power electronics perform safely and reliably.

How does Exponent's evaluation and experience with complex power electronics benefit our clients?

Exponent's seasoned team of electrical and electronics engineers has a long history of consulting for clients in the power electronics arena. Our project work spans from semiconductor device manufacturing support to applications of these devices in products where power levels range from extremely low to the highest power and voltage levels found in modern electric utility systems.

Our expertise also relates to fractional horsepower (hp) and large hp AC/DC motor drives, power converters, uninterruptible power supplies, regulators, switched-mode power supplies, surge testing, and electrostatic discharge testing. On the device side, our expertise covers materials and devices best known for power applications, such as IGBTs and MOSFETS, both in silicon and silicon carbide material systems.

We also work closely with clients to advise on solar cell design and construction and constructing interface systems for windmills, solar systems, and fuel cells.

Our Capabilities Are Unparalleled

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