Risk Management Services

Worker in bright color safety gear running up steps. Exponent conducts construction risk analyses.

Reduce the impact of risks in construction

In construction, risks are classified as anything that may cause project delays or result in additional costs. Exponent's construction consultants conduct construction risk analyses on- and off-site to evaluate the possibility of project, safety, financial, environmental, and legal risks that may impede construction progress.

Create an extensive risk mitigation program.

Nowhere is a risk management plan more significant than on a construction site — from safety hazards and liability insurance risks to labor qualifications and critical capital project timelines. Developing a construction risk management plan is a vital step in mitigating risks and planning for the unexpected.

To recognize the appropriate level of risk tolerance for each venture, Exponent works with clients to tailor the project risk and opportunity assessment process to suit the level of detail and specific needs of each project. In combination with Exponent's expertise in diverse technical disciplines, this approach affords a total understanding of risks associated with the project and allows for the establishment of thorough mitigation plans. Through this process, Exponent's professionals collaborate with the client's key project team members to:

  • Evaluate the cost estimate, schedule, and execution plan for the project
  • Identify and assess project risks and opportunities
  • Quantify the probability of occurrence, potential cost, and schedule impact for each risk or opportunity
  • Establish a project risk management plan, including the development of risk mitigation strategies


Exponent's Construction Consulting team has extensive experience assisting project owners and construction site managers through all phases of the complex construction process. Learn more about our capabilities in risk management.

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