Vibration & Dynamic Analysis

Vibration & Dynamic Analysis ​[ME]

Insights for undiagnosed vibration damage of mechanical systems

Abnormal levels of vibration and noise in a mechanized structure are often the first indicators of an internal problem or damage. Exponent's mechanical engineers provide vibration testing and analysis services for all mechanical systems to assist clients in identifying and rectifying mechanical vibration issues to mitigate expensive repairs, disruption of operations, loss of revenue, or injury.

How does Exponent assist clients in analyzing vibrations in complex mechanical systems?

Many mechanical failures occur because dynamic or vibrational considerations were overlooked during mechanical design. Exponent's mechanical engineers help clients design more resilient machinery and diagnose root causes of vibration damage in existing equipment.

We have diverse experience in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Our experience in vibrations analysis spans power generation equipment, heavy machinery, transportation systems and components, consumer electronics, medical devices, as well as complex and highly integrated computerized systems across a wide range of industries.

Exponent's vibration specialists can locate possible causes of vibration in existing systems and identify methods to mitigate excessive vibrations through comprehensive analysis and testing. Our staff has expertise in evaluating a wide variety of vibration-related applications, including:

  • Providing front-end design guidance to prevent vibration issues
  • Measuring system vibrations for diagnostic purposes
  • Evaluating vibration as a root cause of failure

Our multidisciplinary approach provides you with diverse perspectives from unique angles.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and technicians can investigate all vibration matters in the field or in the lab, from the component level to the system level, including nanoscale systems.

We have experience with rotating machinery vibration and turbine vibrations, including diagnostics and sensor applications as well as root-cause failure analysis.

Exponent can analyze the dynamic response of structures using computer-based numerical analysis (including nonlinear finite element analysis) and provide measurements of actual vibration conditions using both contact and non-contact measurement options.


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