Aviation & Aerospace Services

Exponent has performed hundreds of investigations for the aviation and aerospace industries. Information gained from these analyses has assisted clients in assessing preventive measures related to the design of their products as well as evaluating failures. We have gained a worldwide reputation for our ability to mobilize resources expeditiously and efficiently, integrate a broad array of technical disciplines, and provide valuable insight that is objective and withstands rigorous scrutiny.


Our services include:

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Aerodynamics analysis
  • Aircraft system testing and evaluation
  • Computer simulation
  • Design evaluation
  • Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) analyses
  • Inspection interval evaluation
  • Structural analysis
  • Fire cause and origin analysis and prevention
  • Materials and corrosion evaluation
  • Performance and control calculations
  • Regulatory analysis
  • Risk analysis and service life assessment
  • Wind tunnel testing

We offer independent engineering analyses and design reviews, accident reconstruction, and testing for aircraft, aircraft structures, systems, and auxiliary equipment, as well as spacecraft, satellites, and launch vehicles. We work with our clients to identify and establish goals, and provide practical design recommendations and solutions to complex technical problems. Whether the problem is a system failure, an accident, a repair procedure, or reliability problem, our consultants are ready to assist.

Armed with a superior understanding of the principles and practices of aviation, our senior practitioners use advanced, innovative analytical and testing techniques to get to the bottom of many of the world's highest profile commercial and general aviation accidents. Frequently, the scientific resources of several interrelated disciplines are required, a significant advantage provided by Exponent in any complex investigation. 

Time and time again our clients count on us to quickly discover "what happened?" Our ability to arrive at the correct answer by using scientific investigation, not guesswork, is our hallmark, and sets us apart from the rest. We tell our clients exactly what they need to know—the facts.



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